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HTML Guardian 7.7.3
[ · Descarca de pe sursa () ] 2010-10-05, 4:11 PM

Encrypt HTML, SHTML, ASP, Javascript, VBScript, CSS files. Enhanced image protection

HTML Guardian - Encrypt HTML, SHTML, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP and ASP files. Hide HTML source code from web site thieves. HTML Guardian is a solution for total Web site protection - it will make impossible stealing and re-using your source code in other websites.

Image protection add-on - Image Guardian is especially designed to protect images on your website. HTML Guardian is a tool that encrypts HTML files.

Additional protection options available: disable right-click, disable page printing, disable text selection / copying, disable clipboard, prohibit offline usage of encrypted files, add password protection and referrer check to them.

You can also encrypt HTML formatted email, and compress html code. HTML Guardian will protect your website from email spiders,site rippers and web content filters. The included Ultra-Strong HTML Password protection utility offers 384 bit password protection for HTML files.

Here are some key features of "HTML Guardian":

· Rock solid - it will properly encrypt all html, shtml, script and asp files, not just some of them. HTML Guardian's revolutionary CodeAnalyzer engine debugs the encrypted code in realtime and sends the appropriate feedback commands to the encryption engine. This ensures 100% working and error-free encrypted files.
· Encrypt html files, asp files, external script files(.js or .vbs), php and shtml files, framesets and style sheets (.css) files. You can also encrypt HTML-formatted email.
· Protect your images with Image Guardian - enhanced image protection.
· Encrypt only desired parts of html files.
· Two different methods of encryption - files encrypted with the default method work in all javascript-enabled browsers. You can also use the alternative, more fast and secure method for Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher only.
· Disable right mouse button (right click).
· Disable showing link targets in status bar.
· Disable text selection.
· Prohibit offline use - your files will work fine when someone is browsing your site, but they will not work if they are saved and run from a local hard drive.
· Password protect your pages using either a basic or Ultra-Strong password protection.
· Prohibit linking your pages from other sites.
· Prohibit printing of protected files.
· Disable Clipboard & Print Screen ( for IE 5+ only ).
· Option only to compress HTML code(without encryption).
· Encrypt either a single file, an entire web site or a file list at once.
· Full command line support.
· Language independent - HTML Guardian will properly encrypt your files no matter what character set you use. You may have text in English, Chinese, Russian, Japanese or any other language.
· Powerful partial encryption capabilities - encrypt only those parts of the code you want.
· Profiles - quickly apply predefined sets of protection options.
· Macromedia DreamWeaver integration - HTML Guardian is integrated with the world's most popular WYSIWYG web site editor - Macromedia's DreamWeaver - HTML Guardian Encryption Add-On for DreamWeaver provides a convenient way to perform some encryption tasks with HTML Guardian, as well as to encrypt the currently edited file and test the encrypted html files in a browser directly from the DreamWeaver's interface.
· Smart and easy-to-use interface.


· 486 or better CPU
· 64 MB RAM
· Internet Explorer 6.0 or later


· Watermark on output files

What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· optimized image protection algorithms.
· improved Code Analyzer performance, database update.
· optimized ultra strong html password protection algorithms.
· fixed a bug that caused extra data to be added when source code compression only (without source code encryption) was selected.
· other minor bugfixes and improvements.




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